10 Things To Do in Los Barriles, Mexico

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Baja California Sur is a paradise for every type of vacationer. You can easily fly down for a quick getaway or spend months RVing down the Baja Peninsula. Los Barriles, Mexico is quickly becoming a favorite destination away from the crowds of Cabo.

We recently spent a month in the area as part of an RV trip up and down the Baja Peninsula. Below, I have outlined the top 10 things to do in or near Los Barriles. If you are interested in the ultimate road trip, check out our guide on RVing to Baja, Mexico.

Snorkel at Punta Pescadora

Punta Pescadora Snorkeling Beach Los Barriles
Punta Pescadora Snorkeling Beach

For amazing snorkeling without having to step foot on a boat, visit the beach directly south of the Punta Pescadora hotel. The hotel and adjacent beach are located just north of Los Barriles, Mexico.

There is a direct route along the ocean that is really hairy in a car, but is a great option if you are driving an ATV. If you are in a car or RV, drive north on the paved road out of town (Los Barriles-Sant Teresa) and turn right at the town of El Cardonal where you can take a smooth dirt road to the snorkeling beach.

Go Kiteboarding in Los Barriles

Kiteboarders from all around the world come to Los Barriles, Mexico to take advantage of the winter wind conditions. Exotikite offers lessons and camps for beginners who do not have their own equipment.

Kiteboarding lessons are available from November through April. If you prefer to stay on land you can enjoy watching experienced kiteboarders from the El Gecko beachfront bar and restaurant.

Explore the Arroyo

The arroyo, or dry river bed, just south of town at the Cabo Pulmo exit is a great place to hike and explore. Walk around the arroyo on foot or drive through it on an ATV. Birdwatchers can expect to see a wide variety of species in the area, including some local endemic species.

The best feature of the arroyo is the bat cave. To reach the bat cave, walk or drive about half of a mile into the arroyo and find the bat cave entrance on the left hand side.

There are large bee hives at the entrance of the cave and the bats sleep in the back end of the cave. If you stand outside the cave at dusk, you can watch the bats emerge for their nightly feeding sessions.

Hike to the Maya Del Sol

Maya Del Sol Waterfall in Mexico
Maya Del Sol Trail

Another great outdoor adventure is the Maya Del Sol hike and waterfall. The trailhead is located just south of Los Barriles, Mexico near the town of Santiago. The hike down is short and steep, but you are rewarded with views of the 60 foot waterfall for almost the entire walk.

Pack your bathing suit, so you can swim in the pool and take a shower under the waterfall. There is a small fee to access the trail, and dogs are not permitted (which we found out the hard way).

The drive to the trailhead is mostly on bumpy dirt roads. The roads are passable in any vehicle, but be prepared to drive slow.

Eat the Best Tacos in Los Barriles

When in Mexico, you eat lots of tacos. For the best tacos on the Baja Peninsula, visit Taqueria El Viejo in the town of Los Barriles, Mexico. To order, you simply choose your meat and flour or corn tortillas.

The tacos look pretty basic when they are delivered with just chicken, fish or shrimp in the shell. However, the restaurant has an incredible toppings bar with peppers, salsas, veggies and more to spice up your tacos.

Have Dinner at La Casita

For a more upscale dining experience, visit La Casita, an Asian fusion restaurant on the edge of town. La Casita has it all with great food, cozy d├ęcor and delicious cocktails. While the menu is pricey for the region, it is well worth the splurge.

The Derek was one of my favorite sushi rolls I’ve ever eaten, and all of their seafood is fresh and thoughtfully prepared. For the best experience, I recommend arriving hungry because you will want to order several items.

Zipline over Bocas de la Sierra

Bocas de la Sierra is a stunning area with natural pools and series of small waterfalls. This site is located about half an hour south of Los Barriles near the town of Miraflores.

You can reach the water on foot, but ziplining offers better and more exciting views. Cabo Adventures offers exhilarating ziplining tours that cross over the Bocas de la Sierra. Zipliners must be at least eight years old and four feet tall.

Visit the Los Barriles Market

If you are looking for a one stop shop to purchase souvenirs, look no further than the Los Barriles, Mexico Community Market. The market is located in Laguna Park in the middle of town and open every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

At the market you can purchase children’s toys, hand painted bowls and other local crafts. There are also food vendors selling fresh produce, seafood and local specialties.

Learn to Play Pickleball

One surprising attraction in Los Barriles, Mexico is the Tres Palapas Pickleball Club. Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong. Tres Palapas features ten well-maintained courts and offers lessons and clinics for all skill levels.

Once you learn to play, you can visit anytime for a $10 full day play fee. The club also features a smoothie bar, restaurant and roof top bar so you can fuel up any time of day.

Stretch Out at the Yoga Garden

After kiteboarding and pickleball lessons, you might need to stretch and restore your body. The Yoga Garden in Los Barriles offers a variety of yoga, Pilates and fitness classes everyday of the week during the winter season.

The classes are held in a nice studio with a peaceful garden outside. At 100 pesos ($5) per class, the Yoga Garden will heal your body without breaking the bank. Check their website for current class schedules.

If the above activities don’t keep you busy in Los Barriles, Mexico, you can always walk the beaches on the Sea of Cortez or drink a Tecate at one of the local beach bars.

Do you have other recommendations of things to do in Los Barriles Mexico? Drop your ideas in the comments section.

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