How to Get Black Streaks Off Campers & RVs

How to Get Black Streaks Off Camper

Every RV owner experiences unsightly black streaks on the exterior of their travel trailer or motorhome. Fortunately, these dirty lines are easily removed with a little elbow grease. Keep reading to learn how to get black streaks off campers and RVs. For more step-by-step RV maintenance guides, check out our …

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RV Ceiling Ideas: 15 Jaw-Dropping Updates

RV Ceiling Ideas

Many nomads are renovating their RVs, and turning them into beautiful tiny homes on wheels. However, there are a few areas of the RV that are often overlooked during the renovation process. The ceiling is one of these areas. Most RV ceilings are a boring color, like beige, and many …

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RV Organization Ideas: 5 Awesome RV Storage Hacks

RV Storage Ideas

An RV road trip is the ultimate adventure, but staying organized in a tiny space can be super difficult, especially for nomads who live in their RVs. Fortunately, Pillowpak has designed products that provide innovative RV storage solutions. In this article, I’ll share several great RV organization ideas utilizing Pillowpak’s …

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What is the Best RV Size to Buy?

There are several decisions to make when deciding which RV is right for your family. In my opinion, size is second in importance only to budget when purchasing an RV. Size will determine where you can park and how easy it is to drive your rig. So, what is the …

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RV Wallpaper Ideas: 9 Swoon-Worthy Projects

RV Wallpaper Ideas

Renovations are necessary if you want to take your RV from 90s brown to modern home. However, RV remodels are time consuming, difficult and expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple projects that can elevate your RV’s style without requiring a full gut job, and wallpaper is one of those …

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Harvest Hosts Membership Guide & 2023 Discount Code

Harvest Host Membership

Harvest Hosts is a membership club that connects RV travelers with host locations across the country. Members can camp overnight for free at hosts across the country, including wineries, farms, breweries and more unique locations. In this complete guide to Harvest Hosts, we share membership options, prices, a promo code, …

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