RV Accordion Door Alternatives: 8 Genius Solutions

RV Accordion Door Alternatives

Many RV manufacturers use folding or accordion doors to separate interior rooms because they are compact and lightweight. However, many campers detest these doors because they are flimsy and ugly. Below are 8 genius RV accordion door alternatives that are more attractive, but still practical for RV living and travel. …

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27 Super Cheap RV Parks in California

Cheap RV Parks in California

RVing is an amazing way to travel, and for many, an amazing way to live. However, rent at campgrounds in popular destination states is often upwards of $50 or even $100 per night! Fortunately, great camping deals are available in in California for those who are willing to do their …

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11 RV Gadgets that Will Save You Money

RV Gadgets

There are many articles on the internet detailing all of the RV supplies you need to buy for your first road trip (you can see my list of must have RV gear on Amazon). However, there are a few additional money saving RV gadgets that I believe every RV owner …

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