17 Dazzling 12 Volt LED Lights for RVs

12 volt LED lights in RV

12 volt LED lights are the best type of fixtures to use in RVs for several reasons. 12V lighting runs off of the battery, so it can be used when shore power is unavailable. LED lights also use less power than regular bulbs, so they help prevent battery drain. 12 volt …

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11 RV Gadgets that Will Save You Money

RV Gadgets

There are many articles on the internet detailing all of the RV supplies you need to buy for your first road trip (you can see my list of must have RV gear on Amazon). However, there are a few additional money saving RV gadgets that I believe every RV owner …

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RV Dishes and Cookware: 16 RV Kitchen Must Haves

RV Dishes and Cookware

Many of today’s RV models come equipped with functional kitchens where you can prepare gourmet meals on the road. However, RV kitchens still have limited counter and storage space that restrict the number of large appliances RVers can own. After more than six years living in an RV, I have …

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