Planning your RV Route

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Once you’ve bought the RV, downsized your stuff and determined how to afford life on the road, the real fun begins.  Now you get to start planning your adventure.

A few points of advice on planning your first couple of stops:

  • Explore your Hometown First: While you may be very eager to hit the road, I highly recommend spending a week or more parked at a campground in the area you purchased the RV.  If you don’t have much experience driving big rigs, a short first drive will be less stressful.  This stop will also give you time to learn all the functions of your rig in a comfortable environment.  Plus, it’s a great excuse to invite friends to the campground and celebrate the start of your adventure.
  • Plan Ahead: When we first hit the road, we thought our travel would be completely spontaneous.  However, after we were laughed off the phone while trying to book a summer campsite in a prime location two months in advance, we learned advance planning is necessary.  If you are trying visit a location at peak times (winter in Arizona or summer on the coast), you likely need to book a site at least 4 to 6 months in advance.  That said, if you’re boondooking or visiting smaller towns, you can be more flexible.
  • Have Fun: While some planning is necessary, the process should still be fun.  If you’re like me you have hundreds of places to visit on your bucket list, which makes choosing your first destinations difficult.  Put options in a grab bag or throw a dart at the map.
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