10 Best Things about Living  in an RV

By: Travels with Ted

Exploration and adventure are the main reasons we chose to live in an RV.  Having a home on wheels allows you to explore the country!

1. Adventure

Living in an RV, we drive our home to our friends and family for extended visits, which allows for lots of quality time with everyone!

2. Quality Time

We also get to bring our dog and cat along on every vacation. Instead of boarding our pets, we can bring them along to enjoy the outdoors.

3. Travel with Pets

Living in an RV, we get to choose the climate we want to live in each season. Personally, we choose to avoid winter like the plague.

4. Chasing Summer

RVs are tiny houses, which means even a deep clean of the entire inside takes less than an hour to complete.

5. Fewer Chores

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