10 Not So Great Things about Living  in an RV

By: Travels with Ted September 24th, 2023 The RV Life Experts

RVs (even new ones) tend to have lots of little issues. We have had a whole host of issues from blown tires to defective gas alarms.

1. Maintenance

We have to find new service providers in each location.  We try to schedule doctor and vet visits in our old hometown, but many things can’t wait.

2. Logistics

The cost of living varies greatly across the country, which makes sticking to a budget challenging.  Fuel prices double in certain parts of the country.

3. Complex Budgeting

This is not a metaphor.  After driving thousands of miles across the country, I can verify that most of America’s highways are in terrible shape.

4. Bumpy Roads

We spend at least a few hours per week at the laundromat, which is not as fun as most of our adventures!

5. Laundromats

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