10 RV Road Trip Workouts

I've lived in an RV since 2016. Here are 10 RV travel workouts that keep me in shape while traveling.

Streaming Workouts

The core of my RV exercise routine is attending streaming workout classes. I take classes using the obé Fitness app.

Streaming Workouts

The app offers all types of workouts, so you can customize a plan that fits your needs.  I do strength training and yoga.

Easy Cardio Workouts

In addition to streaming workouts, I also keep in shape with a variety of fun, outdoor cardio workouts.

Easy Cardio Workouts

Walking, running, jump roping and hula hooping are all easy cardio workouts that can be done anywhere with limited gear. 

Work Out while You Explore

The whole point of a road trip is to explore new places. It is always ideal when you can turn your exploration days into a workout: hiking and kayaking are great options!

More Tips to Stay Healthy on Road Trips!

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