2024 RV Gear and Gadgets You Need to Check Out!

By: Travels with Ted The RV Camping Pros March 12th, 2024

GasStop is  an emergency propane shut-off device. This gadget attaches to the tank and is designed to shut off the propane in case of a major leak.

Propane Safety Tech

Safety tech includes a tire pressure monitoring system. Using cap sensors, TPMS monitor tire pressure in real-time, so drivers are alerted to issues.

TPMS for RVs

RV LIFE PRO gives RVers access to the best RV GPS system and a cool online trip planning tool!

Trip Planning Tech

Arvie is a tech platform that monitors real-time cancellations and books sold out campgrounds for you!

Use Tech to Get Sold Out Sites

Power all of your devices with a Starlink satellite internet dish. Get internet anywhere you travel! 

Starlink Internet

Bring high quality entertainment to the campground with a portable movie projector that can be used outdoors!

Movie Projector

For campers who seek comfort while boondocking, lithium batteries are the ultimate luxury. Battle Born Batteries offer exceptional longevity

Lithium Batteries

With a surge protection rating of 6120 joules, it can protect your RV electronics from even the most severe power surges.

Hughes Power WatchDog

Standard RV locks are easy targets for thieves. Fortunately, RVLock makes an easy-to-install keyless entry system for RVs.

Keyless Entry Lock

RVers should also use technology, like Gas Buddy to get the best prices on gas or diesel for their RV!

Fuel Deals

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