25 Spooky Camper & RV Halloween Decorating Ideas

By: Travels with Ted The RV Camping Experts October 2023

DIY Ghosts

Cover white balloons with white sheets. Draw ghostly faces on the sheets. Then, hang them from nearby trees

Broom Parking

Create a “Witch Broom Parking” zone outside your RV. Display a collection of old brooms and add a sign.

Campfire Skeletons

A super fun way to decorate your RV campsite for Halloween is to place plastic skeletons in each of your camping chairs.

Haunted Window Silhouettes

Affix black paper cutouts to the inside of your RV windows. At night, with the lights on, these silhouettes become eerie shadows. 

RV Séance Area

Convert your RV dinette into a séance area. Drape the table with a dark cloth, place a crystal ball on it and surround it with tarot cards.

Magic Mirror Messages

In your camper bathroom, write creepy messages on the mirror using red lipstick or a washable marker.

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