The 5 Best Aistream RV Models for everyOne

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The Basecamp doesn’t look like other Airstream RVs. The low profile, aerodynamic shape of this trailer delivers low wind resistance creating less drag.

Best Tiny RV: Airstream Basecamp 16

In this version of the Flying Cloud, the office is replaced with a bunkroom where the kids can sleep. There is also a queen bedroom.

Best for Families: Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk

Located in a separate room in the rear of the trailer, the corner office includes windows, a desk, a comfortable office chair and plenty of storage.

Best for Full Time Living: Flying Cloud 30FB Office

The Classic is Airstream’s flagship travel trailer brand, and offers the company’s largest twin bed floorplans.

Best for Friends: Airstream Classic 33FB

Designed by Airstream and Pottery Barn, these 28 foot travel trailers feature custom furniture, storage solutions and timeless design.

Most Stylish: Airstream Pottery Barn

Name Ideas for your New Airstream:

1. Annie 2. Al Uminium 3. Iron Maiden 4. Rosie the Riveted 5. The Silver Bullet 6. The Tin Inn

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