The 5 Best  Camping Movies for Kids

By: Travels with Ted RV Camping Experts April 15th, 2023

The perfect camping movie for small children, brings one of Dr. Seuss’s best known characters to the big screen.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about Camping!

The story of the summer adventures of Mud and his friends. Unhappy about their summer camp plans, the group devises a scheme to have a fun summer.

Camp Nowhere

Another classic camping movie that parents may remember from their own childhood is Troop Beverly Hills.

Troop Beverly Hills

For kids who love to sing along to campfire songs, The Muppet Movie, is a great camping movie.

The Muppet Movie

In this movie, Daniel goes camping for the first time. Your kids will enjoy stargazing, playing with flashlights and watching the sunset along with Daniel.

Daniel Goes Camping

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Did you know you can watch movies while camping?

Simply, pack a projector and bring your smartphone for streaming your favorite films!