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The Best Off GRID RVs

See the best RVs to take off-the-grid to dry camp or boondock in the wilderness!.

Off grid RVs are built with extra features to make dry camping easier. These include solar panels, generators, invertors & large holding tanks!

Palomino Revolve EV5 Palomino Revolve travel trailers are 100% powered by solar with four 100W solar panels & four lithium batteries,

Winnebago EKKO 22A EKKO is off-grid ready with 3 solar panels & a second alternator for charging the batteries while driving

Ember Overland If your family loves off-road adventures, Ember’s Overland Series travel trailers are amazing campers.

Airstream Basecamp  The low profile, shape of this trailer naturally delivers low wind resistance creating less drag.

inTech Flyer Explore If you love to camp off the beaten path, the inTech Flyer Explore is one of the best small travel trailers.

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In this definitive guide to RV boondocking, we share everything you need to know to prepare for your first boondocking adventure.