5 Essential Propane Safety Tips for RV Owners

Follow this checklist to ensure you are properly using and maintaining your RV propane tanks.

If your RV has portable, refillable propane tanks, the tanks need to be transported with care. Always leave the tanks upright, and never lay them on their side.

Transport Tanks with Care

GasStop is an emergency propane shut-off. This device attaches to the tank and is designed to shut off the propane in case of a major leak.

Install an Emergency Shut Off

If your RV is being stored outdoors for winter, simply turn off the tanks. For RVs being stored in an enclosed area, the propane tanks should be removed.

Store Propane Tanks Properly during Winter

If you smell a foul odor, and suspect a propane leak, there is an easy bubble test to confirm if a leak is present. To perform the bubble test, mix dish soap and water.

Quick Leak Test

One RV maintenance item that must be completed by a professional is propane tank recertification. Portable RV propane tanks must be recertified every 10 years.

Recertify Tanks

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