Fabulous RV Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Learn easy and affordable ways to makeover your RV kitchen.  Take your camper kitchen from drab to fab!

Install a New Faucet: Replacing the faucet on your kitchen sink is an easy RV remodel project. While replacing the whole sink would be an undertaking, replacing the faucet takes less than an hour.

Slide Trim: Replace the slide molding (or fascia) in your RV kitchen and living room with prefinished boards or stained plywood for a clean and modern look.

Faux Backsplash: Another simple project to spice up your RV kitchen is installing a faux tile backsplash. While real tiles may be too heavy for an RV renovation, sticker tiles weigh almost nothing.

Install New Lights: 12 Volt LED light fixtures are best for use in RVs. Replace outdated fixtures with new ones.

Paint the Cabinets: Use chalk paint to easily transform your RV cabinets (without sanding or priming)

New Cabinet Hardware: Whether or not you chose to paint the cabinets, replacing the cabinet hardware can change the look of your RV interior.

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