The 5 Best Funny Films about RV Camping to Watch this Summer

By: Travels with Ted RV Camping Experts May 22nd, 2023

RV is a funny camping movie about a family road trip starring Robin Williams and Cheryl Hines..

RV (the Movie)

This silly movie tells the story of three buddies who go on a camping trip to honor the memory of their recently deceased friend, Billy.

Without a Paddle

A Chicago family heads out for a trip to Perk’s Pine Lodge Resort. Unfortunately, their unwanted relatives decide to join.

The Great Outdoors

Starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, the film follows a couple traveling across the country for a year in a travel trailer RV.

The Long, Long Trailer

A quirky romantic comedy about camping. The film’s main character, Jason, has made up his mind: he is going to live in the wilderness for a year.

The Outdoorsman

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