5 Genius RV & Camper Decorating Hacks

By: Travels with Ted, The RV Camping Experts Created: August 12th, 2023

If you want to avoid breaking any decorations or knickknacks in your RV, secure them with museum putty.

Museum Putty

The frames come in a variety of sizes, and are so lightweight that they can be left up during travel.

Magnetic Poster Frames

A small vanity stools is the perfect piece of modern RV décor. With duel functions, it works great as an ottoman or extra seating.

Vanity Stool

Pillow covers are a perfect way for RVers to decorate for every holiday. Simply switch out the covers on your throw pillows to match the season.

Pillow Covers

Silicone vases with suction cups are the perfect RV solution. The lightweight vases cannot break, and suction cups prevent the vases from blowing over

Silicone Vases

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