FIVE Unresolved Debates between RV Campers

By: Travels with Ted The RV Camping Pros January 14th, 2024

Deciding whether to turn off propane tanks when traveling is a subject of much debate among RVers.

Propane On or Off?

The question of whether to buy a towable RV or a motorized one is the first decision most RVers make.

Towable or Motorhome?

Many RVers swear that new RVs with a warranty are a better value. Others would never purchase a new camper when RVs depreciate so quickly.

Are New or Used RVs a Better Value?

The preference for RV parks versus boondocking is another divide in the RV community. Each camping style offers a distinct experience.

RV Parks or Boondocking?

One of the more delicate topics that RVers disagree on is the use of the onboard bathroom for solid waste.

To Go #2 or Use th Bathhouse? 

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