5 Weird Things about RV Living

By: Travels with Ted Learn about all the weird things no one tells you about living in an RV!

When it is dark outside and your shades are open, everyone can everything in your RV. 

It is Like Living in a Fish Bowl! 

If my husband uses the kitchen sink while I am showering, the water flow slows to a drizzle.

You can't use the sink and shower at the same time!

Water can enter your fridge from outside and doing so will set off an emergency alert that shuts it down.

Washing your RV can break your fridge!

Many modern RVs are huge.  We still have empty cabinets inside our RV after years of full-time living!

Living in an RV doesn't men living tiny!

One of the strangest things we’ve noticed about RV parks is that a large portion of people are inside all of the time. 

Not all full-time RVers love the outdoors!

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