6 DIY RV and Campervan Upgrades!

Make your RV or van truly feel like home with these DIY interior and exterior RV upgrades.

Faux Tile Backsplash

A simple project to spice up your RV kitchen is installing a faux tile backsplash. While real tiles may be too heavy for an RV renovation, sticker tiles weigh almost nothing.

Replace Light Fixtures

Installing new light fixtures is another easy RV remodel project. We have replaced both the reading lights in our bedroom and the pendants above our kitchen island.

Add a Rug to the Living Area

Most modern RVs have vinyl floors in the main living area. Adding a rug to the living room makes for a cozier space.


Many RVs come with only a super-thin cushion for the mattress. It won’t take more than one night sleeping on one of these RV mattresses to decide you need an upgrade.

Paint a Chalkboard Wall

Our last recommend interior RV remodel is a fun one! Use chalkboard paint to transform one of your RV walls (or cabinets) into a drawing board.

RV Stairs

RV stairs aren't pretty but they are important. Many RV stairs are flimsy. Upgrading your RV entry stairs provides a safe, more enjoyable way to enter and exit your RV.