6 Important RV Shopping Tips for Buying an RV

By: Travels with Ted, The RV Camping Experts Created: August 21st, 2023

When trying to determine the value of a used RV, the best place to start is finding the NADA RV value.

Consult NADA Values

check current market prices to verify the value of an RV. RVT.com, an online RV marketplaces, offers a price checker tool.

Compare Prices Online

Smaller RVs are cheaper and easier to drive. Seriously consider what size RV your family really needs.

Start Small

Whether you are buying used or new, you should always have the RV professionally inspected before buying.

Don't Skip an Inspection

New RVs come with warranties, but warranty work can take a long time to get approved and completed.

New or Used?

When setting your budget, keep in mind that RVs depreciate the moment they are driven off the dealership lot.

Consider Depreciation

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