RV Storage Prep Checklist

Follow theis checklist before putting your camper in any RV storage facility! By: Travels with Ted

The house battery should be fully charged and then disconnected to prevent it from dying while in storage.

Disconnect the Battery

If your RV is being stored outdoors, simply turn off the tanks. For RVs being stored in an enclosed area, the propane tanks should be removed.

Turn Propane Off

The entire exterior and interior of your RV should be checked for holes and gaps where mice and other rodents could enter your RV.

Seal Rodent Holes

Before putting the RV into storage inspect the seals for cracks, chips or thinning. Apply new sealant anywhere you find damage.

Repair Seals

Defrost your RV refrigerator by simply turning off the power and opening the fridge and freezer doors.

Defrost Fridge

Holding tanks and fresh water tank should always be fully drained before putting your RV into storage.

Empty RV Holding Tanks

Before leaving the RV in storage, make sure all windows, doors and roof vents are securely closed.

Close up the RV

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