9 Earth Day Tips for RV Campers

Here are nine simple ways you can make your RV camping trips more eco-friendly and sustainable!

Green Curved Line


1. Use Real Dishes

While paper plates and plastic utensils are very convenient, they are terrible for the environment.


2. Refill Water

If you are boondocking and don’t have access to a water source, try to fill reusable water jugs.


3. Buy Local

Just because you traveled across the country doesn’t mean your food should. Buy from local farmer's markets.


4. Recycle

Many RV parks do not provide bins for recycling, so it is up to us RVers to ensure that our recyclables do not end up in the landfill.


5. Drive Slow

Driving at an average speed of 55 mph will reduce your fuel consumption, which is good for the environment.



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