Fun RV Wallpaper Ideas

Transform your RV with these 9 fun, stunning RV wallpaper projects. Turn your RV into a home.

Transform Doors: Most RVs come with brown, wood doors and mirrors on the closet. Wallpapering over interior RV doors is a great idea to add a fun design element

Upgrade Stairs: The stair risers in many RVs inexplicably come covered in carpet. Fortunately, upgrading interior stairs is one the easiest RV wallpaper project ideas to execute.

Accent Wall: The simplest wallpaper project is to execute is a rectangular accent wall. For the easiest installation, select a straight wall without any windows or outlets.

Bunkroom Fun: While RVing is fun for kids, bunkrooms are typically just as boring as the rest of the RV interior. A fun wallpaper is an easy way to add a little childhood whimsy.

RV Wallpaper Tips

Follow these tips,tricks and directions to make your RV wallpaper project a success!

Use Peel & Stick: Peel and stick paper is easier to install than traditional wallpapers, and many of these adhesive wallpapers are made to be removable.

Think Small: A single patterned wall (or even part of wall) will have a big impact in a tiny space. Avoid wallpapering entire room with the exception of the tiny bathroom.

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