9 RV Cat Litter Box Ideas

Check out these creative ideas for hiding stinky litter boxes in your RV or camper!

Buying a litter box cabinet is one of the easiest ways to keep a litter box out of sight in an RV.

Litter Box Cabinet

You can also install a kitty door in any wall that leads directly into the RV storage bay.

Storage Bay

If you are lucky enough to have a washer dryer hook-up in your RV, you can use that space for a litter box instead.

Washer / Dryer Closet

Many RV beds lift up to reveal a storage area with plenty of space for an RV cat litter box

Under the Bed

In a small travel trailers and motorhomes, the shower can be the best place to hide an RV cat litter box.

In the Shower

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