A Complete Guide to RV Tailgating

Learn everything you need to know to upgrade your tailgate to an RV campsite this football season!

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The Best RV for Tailgating?

The best RVs for tailgating are RVs with awesome outdoor kitchens for easy access to snacks and drinks!

And the Best RV Tailgate Grills

These portable, but powerful grills are perfect to bring to your next RV tailgate this football season!

Setting Up the RV!

When setting up the RV for game day, don't forget to follow our checklist to make sure everything is properly set up.

Watching The Game

Streaming TV and satelitte TV are your best options for watching the game at your RV tailgate campsite!

What to Cook?

These make ahead RV camping meals are perfect for tailgates, so you can actually enjoy the party and the game!

Enhance your RV Tailgate

A portable pizza oven is an easy way to elevate the culinary experience at this season's RV tailgates!

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