April Fool's? 5 Truths about RVing that Sound Like Jokes

By: Travels with Ted Don't be fooled by these RV camping realities.

If your RV has a wet bath, sitting on the toilet may be the easiest way to shower in your RV!

Sitting on a toilet while you shower?

While many RVs have small bathrooms, the Foretravel Realm has a spa bath with its own TV!

You can watch TV while bathing in an RV?

Full-time RVers often spend more on fuel than on food or rent.  Swipe up to learn how to save!

RVers can spend $1500 on fuel per month?

This may sound like a gross joke, but the handles for RV black and gray tanks need to be lubricated.

Lube up the Valves?

While you obviously shouldn't drink chemicals, they are used to sanitize RV fresh water tanks.

Pour bleach in the fresh water tank?

If you need a laugh after these hard RV truths, check out our original RV camping memes!

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