April Fools' Day 2024: RV Style!

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Here are 10 funny April Fools' Day Pranks that are perfect to pull off while camping in an RV!

Water OFF! 

Wait for your spouse to jump in the shower on April 1st. After a few minutes, sneak outside and turn off the water to the RV.

Fake Reservation

Create a fake email about a double booking, claiming another family will be sharing your RV space due to an overbooking error.

Wildlife Sounds

Use a Bluetooth speaker hidden outside the RV to play animal sounds from your phone. Choose something plausible for your area.

Fake Departure

Start packing up the RV very early in the morning, making as much noise as possible. Insist that you all need to leave immediately.

Dump Station Fee

Create and print a sign that says: “0.47 Cent Fee for Dumping, Exact Change Only.” Get a laugh out of all the departing campers!

More Pranks

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