RV Camping Hacks for Summer

By: Travels with Ted

Upgrade your AC

Install a soft start to allow your RV air conditioner to run more efficiently when using  a generator or plugged into 30 amps.

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Toilet Paper Test

Don't buy pricey RV toilet paper. Use this simple test to determine if any toilet paper is safe for RV use. 

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Unclog the Tank

Use a reverse flush valve to easily unclog your RV black tank with no mess! Every RVers needs this handy device!

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Use General Delivery

Address your USPS mail to "general delivery" to get mail delivered to you anywhere in the country while you are traveling in an RV.

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Get Good Luck

To prevent bad luck on the road, make sure to give your RV a great name. Click to see 200 funny and cute RV name ideas. 

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