Best Coastal california RV parks

Here are the best RV parks  and campgrounds along the California coast. Plan your camping vacation today!

Here are the best luxury RV resorts in California near the ocean. Camp here to enjoy views, pools, spas and spacious campsites! 

Luxury Coastal RV Resorts

San Francisco RV Resort is located on the Pacific Ocean within a 15-minute drive of the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco RV Resort

Another awesome RV park by the beach, Paradise by the Sea RV Resort is located in Oceanside, California.

Paradise by the Sea

The most luxurious campsites are the beachfront campsites, which sit steps from the sand in front of the bay.

Newport Waterfront Resort

For a more nature focused experience go RV camping at these coastal California national parks.

Coastal National Parks

Smaller RVs can access the Gold Bluffs Beach Campground that features easy access to a secluded stretch of beach.

Redwoods NP

Since it is only accessible by boat, Channel Islands doesn't have RV parks but Evergreen RV Park s a short drive to the park’s boats.

Channel Islands

Dashed Trail

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