Turn your RV into a Dream Home with these Bold Remodel Ideas

By: Christina Pate of Travels with Ted

White RVs are the hot trend, but we love texture and color.  Learn how to turn your RV into a bold but beautiful statement piece!


Bold Colors

Recover your RV headboard with a colorful, velvet fabric to make your bedroom feel chic and cozy.

Use faux tin tiles to create the look of a vintage ceiling without adding too much weight to your RV.

Tin Ceiling

If you aren't up for major RV renovations, just add fun, colorful throw pillows all over the camper!

Throw Pillows

Paint the Cabinets

Bold Colors

Use chalk paint to easily cover your RV cabinets in a bold color, like this royal blue. 

You can install any 12v light fixture or any light fixture with a 12v bulb in your RV. Get funky!

Funky Lights

What's Next?

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