How to Book Sold Out RV Campsites for the 2024 Solar eclipse

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Arvie: RV Campsite Booking

Our new favorite app to find RV campgrounds is Arvie .Book sold out campgrounds today!

Real Time Search

Arvie is the first and only RV camping app where campers can check real-time availability across multiple booking platforms.

One-Click booking

With the profile information saved on Arvie’s secure platform, users can use the one-click booking feature.

Sold Out Search

Arvie’s sold out search feature has produced incredible results for campers. The RV camping app has a 62% success rate at finding a cancellation

4000+ Campgrounds

Arvie’s platform includes real-time availability checking at over 4,300 campgrounds, so you can definitely find one in the eclipse's path!

About The Author

Christina is a full-time RVer who travels across the country with her dog, Ted. 

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