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Brilliant RV Storage Ideas

Organize your RV bathroom, bedroom and kitchen with these smaet storage hacks!

Layered Clothes Hangers

One of our favorite RV clothing storage ideas is layered hangers, which allow you to hang multiple pieces of clothing on one hanger.

Storage Ottoman

This versatile piece of furniture can double as an extra seat, a foot rest and RV shoe storage.

Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

A small coat rack can be used in the main room of the RV or camper to organize coats, purses and umbrellas.

Fruit Hammock

Practical and pretty, a handcrafted, macramé fruit hammock provides extra storage and frees up counter space in any RV kitchen.

Slim Toilet Paper Stand

Place a slim toilet paper stand next to the toilet to store all your rolls in one space and not use extra cabinet space.

Spice Clips

Adhesive Spice Grippers are the perfect way to store salt, pepper and other seasonings in a small camper.