Can Pop Up Campers Have Full Bathrooms?

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Yes, many pop up campers have a storage compart that houses a toilet and shower. Some hard-sided pop ups even have private bathrooms!

Can Pop Up Campers Have Full Bathrooms

When looking at pop up campers, it is important to understand the two types of toilets. Cassette toilets have a self-contained tank, while RV toilets are connected to a black tank.

Inside the Family is a swivel cassette toilet and a sink. There isn’t a full bathroom inside, but there is an outdoor shower.

Aliner Family

This traditional tent trail houses a wet bath storage compartment with a shower and a cassette toilet.

Coachmen Clipper Legend 1285SST

Adventurous campers should consider the Opus OP15, a hybrid camper (with a full wet bathroom) built for off-road travel.

Opus OP15

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