A Complete Camper Remodel for Less than $1000!!

Learn easy and affordable ways to remodel the interior of an RV or camper!

Paint the Walls:  Start by painting the camper walls. Paint is the most impactful camper renovation on a budget.

Hang Curtains: Next, remove and replace the standard valances and blinds is a relatively simple project.

Install New Lights: 12 Volt LED light fixtures are best for use in RVs. Replace outdated fixtures with new ones.

Replace Faucets: Replacing the faucet on your kitchen or bathroom sink is another easy RV remodel project.

Slide Trim: Replace the slide trim (or fascia) with white or pine boards for a clean and modern look.

Add a Rug: Adding a rug to the living room makes for a cozier space. Always buy a washable rug for use in an RV.

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Get instructions for 11 easy DIY RV rand camper remodel projects! Plus RV decorating advice. 

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