The  RV cooking Guide Cook a Thanksgiving Meal in your RV

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RVers can easily cook one casserole in the oven and one additional side (like mashed potatoes) on the stove.  Use simple recipes. 

Cook One Pot & One Pan Sides

Using a grill or portable smoker is the easiest way to cook the turkey.  A turkey breast will fit on most portable grills.

Grill the Trukey

A portable pellet grill is expensive, but it the ultimate way to cook a turkey breast while camping!

Upgrade your Meal with a Pellet Grill

Never shop for an RV trip, especially Thanksgiving, without a list. Planning meals will ensure you don’t buy more food than you have room to store.

Have a Meal Plan

One of the easiest ways to avoid being overwhelmed by cooking in an RV is to complete all prep work before cooking.

Prep Food before Cooking

Placing a pizza stone in the bottom of your RV oven will lead to better heat distribution, and therefore, more evenly cooked food.

Place a Pizza Stone in the Oven

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