How to De-Winterize your RV

Learn how to properly de-winterize RV plumbing lines for cold weather living and storage

Reconnect Battery

Your RV’s house battery should have been charged and disconnected before winter storage

Inspect RV for Damage

Complete a visual inspection of the RV. Look for any obvious damage, or evidence of rodents.

Replace Propane Tanks

If your propane tanks were stored away from the RV, reconnect the tanks to the RV lines.

Test Appliances

After turning on your propane and connecting your RV to shore power, start testing the appliances.

Check Tires

Also check your RV's tires to ensure they are in good enough condition for safe travel. Don't forget to check the spare too!

Inspect Safety Gear

Use the testing features on your gas and smoke detectors to verify they are working properly.

Flush Tanks & Lines

While connected to a dump station, flush the RV Water system and remove the antifreeze.

Sanitize the Fresh Tank

To ensure water is safe for drinking and brushing your teeth, you also need to sanitize your RV’s fresh water tank.

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