Do RV Wet Baths Suck?

Learn why many campers hate RV wet baths, while others think they are great! By: Travels with Ted

An RV wet bath is a bathroom in an RV where the toilet, sink and shower are in one tiny room with no curtain or shower door.

What is an RV Wet Bath?

The main downside of RV wet baths is that your entire bathroom gets drenched every time you shower.

Con 1 of RV Wet Baths: Water 

Because wet baths tend to get wet, only waterproof items can be stored inside these bathrooms.

Con 2 of RV Wet Baths: No Storage

One potentially serious issue with wet baths is that they make it more difficult to control moisture in your RV.

Con 3 of RV Wet Baths: Moisture

The main advantage of RV wet baths is saving space. Since the shower does not take up additional room, it is possible to put a wet bath into a small RV.

Pro 1 of RV Wet Baths: Space Saving

They other benefit of RV wet baths is that they are super easy to clean. Since everything gets wet when you shower, there will never be any dust build-up.

Pro2 of RV Wet Baths: Easy to Clean

While they have many downsides, an RV wet bath is better than no bathroom at all. If a wet bath is the only option for your desired RV size, then it is a great option.

Do RV Wet Baths Suck?

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