5 Super Fun (and Funny) Road Trip Games

By: Travels with Ted Play these games to pass the time on your next road trip!

Learn about the roads you are driving on! Swipe up for interesting road trip trivia questions!

Road Trip Trivia

This fun book has 750 fun and entertaining road trip questions and trivia in four different categories.

Question Game Book

This classic road game has fill-in-the-blank” stories that will have the whole family cracking up.


Try to find a license plate from every state or play the ABC Game where you must find words on signs.

Classic Games

This classic string game is a great way to entertain kids on long drives. Swipe up to learn more!

Cat's Cradle

Swipe Up for More Road Trip Questions

Get 200+ fun questions to pass the time on your road trip.  Appropriate for kids or adults!