Get Your RV Ready for the Summer Camping Season before Memorial Day

By: Travels with Ted

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Start your RV spring cleaning by properly de-winterizing your RV or camper and taking it out of storage.


Clean the Rooftop AC

Then, head up to the RV roof and inspect and clean your RV's air conditioning units.

Inspect and repair exterior seals on your RV's roof and around windows, storage bays and doors.

Seal Repair

Inspect and repair seals on your RV's roof and around windows and doors.

Seal Repair



Use Painter's Tape to Create Clean Sealant Lines


Use these tricks and tips to re-organize and maximize clothing storage in your RV or camper.

Check your RV tires (including the spare tire ) to ensure they are in good condition and road safe.

Check Tires

1. Leveling blocks

2. Sewer Supports

3. Surge Protector

Keep your RV even.

Make sure waste properly flows

Protect your RV electrical system.

Buy All Essential RV Gear

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