RV Travel to Baja, Mexico

5 reasons you should take your RV south of the border on your next road trip!

Reason 1: It's easy!

To cross the border you just need an FFM card and a passport.  You can travel in the RV for up to 6 months in Mexico.

Reason 2: The Pets can Come Too!

Your cat and dog can join too! They just need a current rabies vaccine before crossing the border in your RV!

Reason 3:  Learn Spanish

Take your RV road trip to Baja as an opportunity to learn Spanish and practice your new language skills.

Reason 4: Beach Camping

Baja, Mexico has endless options for RV beach camping, most of which cost less than $15 per night!!!

Reason 5:  Make Friends

If you are nervous to RV in Mexico alone, join a caravan and make new friends on your road trip!

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Read our complete guide to RV camping in Baja, Mexico and plan your perfect Cinco de Mayo Vacation!!!!

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