Cold Weather RV Camping Gear

Here is a complete list of gear for your cold weather RV camping trip in 2023!

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Heated Hose Water Hose

If your RV is connected to city water in below freezing temperatures, a heated water hose is a must have.

Window Insultion

Windows have less insulation than the RV walls. Adding additional insulation to windows will help keep your RV warm.


When RVing in winter, managing condensation is a priority. Running a dehumidifier is the most effective method.

DampRid Buckets

Another easy way to manage condensation is to place DampRid buckets in areas of the RV where moisture tends to accumulate.

Soft Broom

If snow falls on your RV, it should be carefully removed to prevent damage to your RV. Just a few inches of snow can easily cause roof damage.

RV Safe Antifreeze

RV antifreeze can be poured into black and grey tanks to help prevent freezing while you are camping.

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