RV Living Expenses

Learn how much RV parks and resorts cost, along with real prices for other RV living expenses!

RV resort and RV park fees are one of the biggest expense for nay RVers.  

Here are typical prices for nightly RV camping fees.

Camping Fees


If you are going to boondock, there will not be any rent, but other expenses that may be required.  These could include dumping fees & a composting toilet.

RV Resorts

On the other end of the spectrum luxury RV resorts may cost $100 per night of more! However, monthly rates are usually cheaper!

RV Parks

Standard RV parks with hookups, but without all the luxury amenities, typically cost around $40 per night in 2023!

RV living involves several other regular expenses.

Here are 3 more RV living costs to include in your budget.

Other Expenses

Fuel Costs

Fuel is a huge expense for all RVers. Travel slow to reduce monthly fuel costs. Swipe up for our RV fuel calculator!


Propane is used for heating, cooking and hot water. The average price to refill our 20 pound tank is typically around $20.


For full-timers, storage units can be another big expense. Try to sell stuff and limit storage.

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