How Quickly Do RVs Depreciate? 

Learn about typical RV depreciation rates and learn how to maximize your RV's re-sale value!

RV Depreciation

RVs lose about 20% of their value in the first year of ownership. Some experts even say that initial 20% depreciation occurs as soon as the RV is driven off the lot.

RV Depreciation by Mileage

For drivable motorhomes, the mileage can also significantly impact depreciation. Over 5000 miles per year will impact the value.

RV Depreciation by Mileage

RV models that are in high demand will hold their value better than other RV brands. For example, Airstream travel trailers tend to have better re-sale value.

RV Depreciation by Condition

RVs that need major repairs or have water damage will depreciate much more quickly than RVs that are properly maintained.

Market Factors

Of course, current economic and market factors also impact the value of used RVs. For example, the post-pandemic demand for RVs has driven up the price of RVs.

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