How to Winterize an RV or Camper

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Learn how to properly winterize RV plumbing lines for cold weather living and storage

Dump Tanks

Empty the RV's gray and black tanks. Flush the black tank clean.  Then, drain the fresh water tank

Drain Water Lines

With your gray tank dump valve(s) open, open all faucets inside to drain any residual water.

Drain Water Heater

Drain the water heater by removing the plug & opening the pressure relief valve. Then, turn on the water heater bypass.

Put Antifreeze in Lines

Pump nontoxic RV antifreeze through your water lines, using the winterize setting on your RV.

Add Antifreeze to Drains

Pour one cup of nontoxic RV antifreeze into the kitchen sink drain, bathroom sink drain & shower drain.

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