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How to drain fresh water from your RV

Follow this simple process to empty your camper's fresh water tank.

Why Empty the Fresh Water Tank?

The RV fresh water tank needs to be emptied before storage, before driving and when sanitizing!


Step-By-STep Guide

Follow these five easy steps to drain or empty your RV's fresh water tank to reduce weight.

Section Two:

Step One:

Turn off the Water Heater

Allow at least a couple of hours before proceeding to allow time for the water in the tank to cool.

Step Two:

Open Faucets

Turn off your RV’s water pump. Then, open all of the faucets in your RV and flush the toilet.

Step Three:

Drain Tank

Most RVs have a fresh water drain valve underneath the RV, like the white valve pictured. Open it to release the water in the tank.

Step four:

Locate low point drains

Locate the low point drains under your RV. The low point drains are red and blue hoses. Open and drain.

Step five:

Empty Drains

Turn the RV’s water pump back on, and open all the faucets in the RV to allow any water left in the lines to drain into the gray tank.

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