Free RV dump stations

Learn how to find free places near your campsite to dump your RV holding tanks!

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Rest Areas 

Rest areas or rest stops off highways and interstates are one of the most common places to find free RV dump stations.

Your Home

At many homes, RV tanks can be dumped directly into the sewer or septic system. Swipe up for instructions!

Municipal Facilities

Another common, but surprising location to dump RV waste for free is municipal facilities, such as water treatment plants

Camping World

Members of the Good Sam RV Club receive free RV dump services at Camping World locations.

Federal Recreation Areas

Some federal recreation areas, such as National Monuments and National Recreation Areas offer free RV dump stations.

There are also several websites and apps that allow you to find free RV dump stations near your current campsite!

Swipe up to read the full article and learn about all of the places were you can dump your RV holding tanks for free!

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