RV Wall Remodel Ideas

By: Christina Pate of Travels with Ted


Paint is one of the most significant ways to makeover your RV walls. But you must do it the right way!

First, clean the RV walls thoroughly with TSP or a water and vinegar solution. This is essential for a clean look!

When painting RV walls, always use two coats of a gripping or bonding primer and at least two coats of paint for the best result.

Easy RV Wall makeovers 

If paint is too much work, try one of these easier RV wall remodel ideas that can easily be complete in a couple of hours!

Use peel and stick wallpaper in your RV to either completely remodel a room or quickly create a single accent wall (or door)!

Slide trim is super easy to remove and replace! Adding a modern slide trim will make your RV walls look so much better!

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