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How To Make Road Trips Fun for the Whole Family 

Here are easy ways to make road trips more fun!

How To Make Road Trips Fun with Kids

Keep your kids entertained and happy on long drives with these easy tips.

Section one:

Tip One:

Make more Stops

Find fun rest stops and roadside attractions where kids can stretch their legs and play a little bit.

Tip two:

Take photos

Give your child a disposable camera or let them use your digital camera to take pictures of their favorite sights along the way.

Tip three:

Sand Jars

A sand jar is a fun way to remember each stop on your road trip. Pack a jar and have your kids fill it with  sand or dirt from every destination.

How to Make Road Trips Fun for Adults

Use these tips to make road trips fun when traveling without kids.

Section Two:

Tip one:

Play Trivia

Play our travel trivia game to see how much you know about the country you are driving in. 

Tip Two:

Learn a Language

Being able to communicate in a new language is always fun. Use your road trip  to practice a foreign language.

Tip Three:


Podcasts are a great way to pass the time on a road trip! Use your time to listen to your favorite podcasts or find a new favorite.

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Christina is a full-time RVer who travels across the country with her dog, Ted. 

- Enid Blyton

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