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How To Paint RV Cabinets (The Easy Way)

Learn how to paint RV cabinets without any priming or sanding!

The Easy way to Paint RV Cabinets

The key to painting RV cabinets with limited prep work is to use chalk paint.


Step One:

Remove Doors

Remove the doors from all cabinets that will be painted. Also remove the hinges and label each cabinet set.

Step two:

Clean Cabinets

Although sanding and priming are optional when painting RV cabinets with chalk paint, cleaning is not.

Step Three:

Tape Cabinets

Use painter’s tape to tape the edges of each cabinet and the interior edges of cabinet doors with glass.

Step four:


Apply the 1st coat of chalk paint using a brush or roller. Wait for  it to dry. Then, paint a 2nd coat. Apply additional coats as needed.

Step five:

Remove Tape

Once the paint is dry to the touch.  Completely, remove  all of the painter’s tape on and around the RV cabinets. 

Step Six:

Apply topcoat

There are two topcoat options for chalk painted cabinets: finishing wax or polycrylic.

Step Seven:

Install Doors

Once the paint is completely dry, reinstall the doors and drawers, using your labels to put them in the right place.

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Christina is a full-time RVer who travels across the country with her dog, Ted. 

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